Did you know the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, in South Oklahoma City, is one of the Department of Transportation’s largest facilities outside the Washington, DC, area, and employs around 7,500 people? In TEAM South you learn this and more about incredible businesses in the area and how they continue to help our community thrive. TEAM South is a Chamber program that focuses on educating leaders and community members on the strengths and unique qualities of South Oklahoma City. TeamSouth_Logo_RGB copy

Each class consists of 24 participants who have a vested interest in the area and have a desire to learn more about what makes our community exceptional. The goal of the program is to develop better-educated advocates for South Oklahoma City.

Last Thursday, TEAM South Class X ventured out to explore the different Health and Wellness options that South Oklahoma City has to offer. This gave TEAM members an opportunity to ask questions and see the resources that are available in the healthcare industry. Each month, the class takes one day to explore different aspects of our City. These all-day sessions range from Education to Aerospace.

TEAM South is a wonderful way to connect to your community, network with other leaders and grow your knowledge about this region of the metropolitan area. If you would be interested in being apart of TEAM South in the future, please contact Liz Cromwell at LizCromwell@southokc.com to be placed on the list to receive applications when they become available this summer.

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